Burlap Maryland Crab Flag

Most Marylanders love the state flag. We proudly wear the flag on our socks, shirts, flip flops,  belts, bathing suits, etc. In the market for all things Maryland? Check out Route One Apparel– an apparel company that specializes in Maryland Pride apparel, which includes a heavy emphasis on the MD flag. People even have baby pacifiers emblazoned  with the Maryland Flag.

Smathers and Branson Needlepoint Belt


And it is no wonder, as it has been described as the perfect state flag (Check out the history of the flag here).

However, there are some that do not get our love for the Maryland flag (gasp). I know a few who do not share the same sentiment as I. I would name names, but I fear the backlash and vitriol that these “friends” and my husband (wait, what) would receive.

As for me, I love flags. I mean, my favorite holiday is Flag Day (check out my patriotic mantel).  I like the history and symbolism behind flags (I smell a lesson on symbolism and flags coming to the classroom this fall– educators, stay tuned…), and Maryland’s flag is rich with both. It symbolizes state sovereignty, struggle, challenge, loyalty, and unity. What’s not to like?

Okay. Enough with the state flag love. Let’s get to the project.

Besides the MD flag, the Chesapeake region has a strong affinity for crabs (they’re delicious, for one), so I combined the two for this project.

What You’ll Need:

- Print out of the Maryland Flag. I used this one ; and this one.

- Print out of the Maryland Blue Crab

-Assorted Paint Brushes

- Acrylic Craft Paint in MD flag colors (I suppose you could adapt this to another state flag…)

- A Sharpie

- Burlap— my burlap was from http://burlapfabric.com/– I can’t say enough great things about that site!

What You’ll Do:

- Cut out the Maryland Crab

Maryland Flag Burlap Art


- Trace the Flag template with your Marker– I do this so it is easier to see under the burlap.

Burlap Maryland Crab Flag

- Tape the flag onto a surface, and place your burlap over it.

MD Burlap Flag

The flag is under the burlap, which will serve as your guide when painting. I tape both the burlap and the template so nothing shifts.

- Place the cut out crap in the center of the flag (stick some tape under the crab, so it doesn’t shift while painting).

MD Burlap Crab Flag

- Begin painting.

Maryland Burlap Flag- Be as precise as possible along the crab outline– You want your lines to be crisp and your paint to thicker here.

Burlap Maryland Crab Flag

- Doneso! Peel off the crab and admire your beautiful Maryland Pride work.


Burlap Maryland Crab Flag-Frame it.


If you don’t like the crab, you can always just complete this project without the crab– It is just as lovely.



What about you? Do you share my affinity for your state flag? Or is the Maryland Flag just like snowballs (a delicious summer treat– not a winter weapon), and only natives from Maryland share this obsession? Please tell me you know what a snowball is (and what your favorite flavor is, and if you add marshmallow or ice cream on top)!







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