Easy Burlap Bubble Wreath


burlap bubble wreath

I probably should have bought stock in burlap because just my consumption of it alone is ridiculous. I just love burlap. The texture, the possibilities, and even the smell (I know, I know, I’m weird. My mom loathes it, but I like it).

But, I digress.

This here wreath is impossibly easy. Seriously. If I had to create a scale of difficulty, I’m talking a bunny slope craft.

A Burlap Bubble Wreath is all over Pinterest. Read about them here, here, and here. Here’s my Easy Bubble Burlap Wreath.


What you’ll need to make an Easy Burlap Bubble Wreath:

-          Glue Gun (or if you can tie a knot that works, too)

-          Roll of Burlap (I used 1.5 rolls with an 18” wreath form)—Find rolls of burlap in the wreath making aisles at JoAnn’s— there are several shades of burlap from which to choose!Easy Burlap Wreath

-          Wire Wreath Frame (Most tutorials use a 12” frame, but I like a bigger wreath, so I used an 18” puppy)

-          Some Wire Ribbon (Optional for a bow)

-          Seasonal Sprigs (optional)

IMG_3911Burlap Bubble Wreath


What you will do to make an Easy Burlap Bubble Wreath…

Start with an end of the burlap and either tie a knot or hot glue a loop on the outer rung of the wreath frame.

Burlap Bubble Wreath Tutorial

Then you will do the following for the entire wreath. You will pinch a section of burlap and push it through the wire. You can twist it slightly, but I found it bubbled on its own. You will go through the outer, middle, and inner ring with your burlap bubbles, and then work back out the outer ring.

Helpful tip: Don’t over think it! And… you are feeding the burlap from the backside of the wreath– this isn’t a weave, you are just pinching a piece of the burlap through the rung, and then moving onto the next rung..Are you a visual learner? Look at the pictures and labels below!

Burlap Bubble Wreath Easy Burlap Bubble Wreath Tutorial

Easy Burlap Bubble WreathBurlap Bubble Wreath

You will continue this pattern of working in, and then working out. I occasionally fluffed as I went.

When you come to the end of your first roll (if you are making a 16” or larger wreath), repeat the steps from the beginning by securing the burlap with hot glue or a knot.

Once your wreath is full, just tuck the tail of the burlap into a ring.

Because I was updating this wreath for Valentine’s day, I used some heart picks from The Dollar Tree and a sprig of glittery birds from JoAnn’s.Burlap Bubble Wreath

 Burlap Bubble Wreath

As for the bow, here are my sources…

Source One, Martha!!

This little lady is ready to hang! Bonus: This is a wreath that can be updated and changed per season or month!
burlap bubble wreath

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