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Alphabet Practice Activity– Pom Pom style

Alphabet Practice Activity


It’s that time of the year. Sweet, sweet Summer is ending, and some of us are gearing up for the start of the new school year.Because I am one of those sickos, who admittedly has an odd fervor for the beginning of the school year (and school in general), I became a teacher, so I could make sure I never have to let go of the back-to-school jitters (that and office supplies. I love office supplies). I, also, enjoy singing Billy Madison’s “Back to School” song on my first day of school. 

In the spirit of the back-to-school season,  I am going to share with you an easy and cute alphabet practice activity. My oldest is one year away from kindergarten, and working on our letters is the big push around the house. 

This Alphabet Practice Activity is great because it does not just focus on a letter, but it also hones fine motor skills. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

- White School Glue

- Pom Poms- assorted sizes and colors

- Cardstock or any paper

- a sharpie or marker

Here’s what you’ll do:

- Draw a fairly large letter. Any letter. For this, I did first initials, and wrote the full name under the letter. 

- Place some glue on a plate for easy dipping.

- Open up Pom-Poms.

- Model dipping a pom-pom into the glue and placing it on the outline of the letter. 

Alphabet practice

- Let your little one(s) have at it.

Alphabet Activity

Alphabet Practice Activity

BONUS: Want to up the learning ante? Talk about patterns and colors while arranging the pom-poms. 

Here is my son’s and Sophia’s, my good friend’s daughter, letters. 





 For Sophia’s letter, I framed hers, so she could hang it in her room-  alphabet practice activity and room decor–score! 


I’m eager to hear of some other activities you use to practice the alphabet! 

Janod Toy Review

During the BC (Before Child) era, my husband and I frequented HomeGoods for throw pillows, knick knacks and kitchen gadgets. Now-a-days we head straight for the kids section. We often find board books (L’s fave), cute storage baskets and high end toys. On a particularly lucky trip, we scored three Janod toys (our favorite toy brand). From past HomeGoods’ experiences we’ve learned that if you like it, buy it. It definitely will not be there tomorrow and you can always return if buyer’s remorse sets in. I passed on a Land of Nod play tent, and I’m still kicking myself for it.

toy review 1

We first came across Janod toys at a local baby boutique years ago. My husband is big on green toys, and I have a thing for wooden toys. Janod meets both of our preferences. We love this brand’s modern designs, impeccable quality and functionalities. Not to mention the adorable packaging the toys come in. I’m sucker for cute packaging. The toy maker is French. Their products are usually carried by smaller boutiques and online retailers like Amazon. The company has an array of products ranging from board games to play kitchens to backpacks. The prices for some of the toys are a bit expensive, but if you find them at HomeGoods, they are a steal.

First up is the Plateau Lunch set, albeit a very European lunch. Don’t you just love the cheery color combination? For young tots like L, this set is great for fine motor skills, learning daily objects and use of utensils. Each piece, with exception of the cup, is made out of wood. The scale is perfect for little hands. I like that each piece is outlined on one side of the tray to help with sorting. This toy can grow with L in time for tea parties, picnics and play kitchen.

Janod Lunch Toy Review

The packaging of the Menagere picnic set sells itself. To me the glasses look like champagne flutes. Fancy! Then again, it is French. The color scheme is very pink, but seems fit for a princess’s picnic. Similar to the lunch set, each piece was made from wood. The only down side is the utensils and cups are a bit difficult to put back into the elastic slots. We purchased this toy as a gift for a friend’s 2 year old. She loves it!

picnic tpy 1

Janod picnic toy review 2

The box Tapidoo floor puzzle came in was rather large. So I thought it could potentially double as a small area rug in a play room. But the actual puzzle was a lot smaller, 27 inches in diameter. You can get a better idea from the pictures with L. The floor mat is made from felt and is soft and cushy. The owl puzzle pieces are made from wood. I love the colors, and it’s gender neutral. The graphics on the mat are painted on–not sure how that will hold up in the long run. I imagine the soft gray color will attract/show all sorts of stains. L has been playing with it for a month, so far so good.

Janod floor puizzle 1

Janod floor puzzle 2

So next time you’re at HomeGoods don’t forget to check out the kiddie section and share what treasures you’ve scored with us!