Yarn Christmas Trees

Whew! We’ve got some creative friends!  Two weeks ago, I shared with you my  sister-in-law Courtney’s ridiculously cute Button Tree! Today, I am thrilled to share with you these yarn Christmas Trees completed by friends and colleagues of ours. 

Our mathematical and Whovian (sidenote: Is anyone obsessed with Dr. Who? Out of principle, I have been taking a stand not to watch it, but…) friends Jill and Annemarie recently wrapped up some styrofoam cones with yarn to create some adorable and festive yarn Christmas Trees.

These trees are warm and cozy, and definitely a doable craft.

yarn.jpgThese yarn  Christmas trees are so very cute. Check out some of our other favorite cozy trees. And an added bonus, this is a craft small kiddos could help complete, too! 

1. The Happy Housie’s yarn Christmas trees are beautiful and economical! Check them out here

source: thehappyhousie.com

source: thehappyhousie.com


2. Twine wrapped trees? Ab-so-jingling-lutely! These remind us of Lisa’s jute wrapped eggs.  These trees could carry over into winter decor, too. 

source: livelaughrowe.com



3. These HGTV bright trees are so cheery and festive. They would look presh in a playroom. 

source: hgtv.com

source: hgtv.com




Thank you to Jill and AM, partners in all types of crime–including crafting!! 


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