Aging Terracotta Pots

This past weekend, my mother in-law hosted a bridal shower for our cousin Justine. My mother-in-law is truly the ‘hostess with the mostess’—her gatherings are always impeccable!

The theme of the bridal shower is vintage garden—think burlap, rustic, and natural. Each guest will receive a potted herb for her favor—which is where crafting comes into play!

Here’s the method we used to get a faux aged look for our terracotta pots.pots 5


What you need:

Terracotta Pots and bases- ours were 4 inches

Rustoleum American Accents Stone Spray Paint

Green craft paint- in a hue of your choice

Foam brush

Sandpaper—we used the ones that look like a block/sponge

Newspaper/dropcloth for your spraying surface


Step 1:

Lay out your pots in an arrangement that is conducive to spraying. We had over 40 pots and bases!

Step 2:

Spray your heart out. The stone spray paint was really cool—very textured and it adhered to the pot quite well. Don’t cover every inch—remember in the end you want it to look like it has aged naturally.

Just a light spray will do. Let dry completely.

pots 2

Step 3:

Using your foam brush, apply green paint on top of the spray paint. Again, do this sparingly. Don’t make it look perfect!

aged terracotta pots

Step 4:

Stretch out those hand muscles a bit, because you’ll need them for the sanding! Sand each pot until the surface is smooth. We found that using a circular motion helped to blend the green and white a bit better. For a more distressed look, press a bit harder on the sandpaper so the clay pot itself shows through more.

  pots 6

     So far so good! Look for the finished product with potted herbs in the Bridal Shower post.



2 Comments on Aging Terracotta Pots

  1. Donna (the mother-in-law!)
    May 14, 2014 at 5:44 pm (10 years ago)

    Awe Lisa, thanks for the sweet words! I do love to get carried away with the little things that make an event memorable. And you my darling, are quite a hostess yourself… your creations and imagination are impeccable and together we are a great team!!

  2. Justine
    May 15, 2014 at 12:30 am (10 years ago)

    Spoiler alert: they looked amazing!!! Oh my gosh, there’s an entire shower post? I cannot wait! Also, I think I might need to consult my favorite crafters for some advice/guidance about how to make this cool wrought iron fence seating chart that I’m going to attempt :-)