Beach Baby Essentials

Over Memorial Day weekend, we loaded up the car for our first beach trip of the reason. Going to the beach with a energizer bunny 14 months old meant we needed to be prepared. You never know when a meltdown is going to happen and how she’s going to react to the sand and frigid ocean water. I loaded the beach bag with a few, what I consider as, beach baby essentials to make the trip enjoyable for the whole family.

beach baby essentials

1. Functional beach wear

I put L in a short sleeve rash guard and a reusable swim diaper. I prefer this combo over a one piece suit. This option allows for more coverage and easy changing in case of accidents. The reusable swim diaper has worked well in the pool before, but this time I noticed a couple giant wet spots on the beach blanket (we were there for 2.5 hours). I never tried disposable swim diapers before. Are they more absorbent?

2. Sun screen

With L’s eczema and sensitive skin, we are very selective with the products we use on her. We’ve tried many other organic brands’ sunscreen. The Badgers brand is the only one that hasn’t caused any skin irritations or flare ups. Because it’s all natural plant based, the consistency is super creamy which makes it difficult to rub in. But I’m ok with my child looking a bit pasty.

3. Convenient cleansers

Hand sanitizer and baby powder are my go to items for the beach. L’s into picking up random things these days. Having sanitizer on hand makes for easy cleaning for a piece of mind. And I’m sure you all know about the trick of getting sand off your body with baby powder. It really is magical!

4. Toys

I did not pack a ton, just a few sand toys and bubbles. L loves to people watch; there is plenty of that on the beach. In a pinch, I can always give her an empty water bottle to entertain her for a little while. The girl loves playing with trash. Who am I to judge?

5. Snacks and treats

L loves cheddar bunnies and yogurt drops. We usually reserve them as special treats. I figured she would be pretty happy with munching on those. I packed a snack pouch in the cooler as a healthy option. And of course, her favorite sippy cup.

Oh! The beach bag was a $7.99 find at TJ Maxx. It’s made from a very fine burlap. I liked it so much I bought a second one in a blue crab print. Gotta represent MD!

beach baby essentials

We had a great time. The weather was perfect. L was a little apprehensive about the sand at first, but once I broke out the toys and snacks she was happy. I think the 2 hour morning nap helped a little too. Are you ready for beach season? Do you have any beach essential items? What are your tricks to keep the kids busy and happy on the beach?

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