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Antiqued Mercury Glass Mirror


For the winter, I really wanted a mercury glass or antiqued mirror for our mantle, but I couldn’t find any in a wood frame that I liked, in the size that I wanted. A few quick searches online yielded plenty of DIYs that were just the solution I needed! We used the method provided by Rustoleum.

Here’s how we made our mirror:

We bought a clear pane of glass from the hardware store– they have a few size options, and luckily one fit the bill.

Spraypaint your pane of clear glass with Rustoleum Mirror Effect.

When the paint is still wet, use a spray bottle to spritz vinegar onto the glass. Spray where/how much you’d like.

Blot with paper towel. Continue these steps until it is antiqued to your liking.

When dry, spraypaint with a darker color (this way the distressed parts show through darker on the front side of the mirror.) We used a brown that we had on hand.

For the frame, we simply cut pine boards to size. We created a bevel so the mirror would fit snugly inside the notch and used mirror clips to secure everything in place.

We used the Kreg Jig and wood glue to attach the boards.

Use any stain you’d like to finish it off- we used a mix of Early American and Provincial because we had some from previous projects.

I love how my magnolia leaf looks hanging on the mirror!


Tiki Bar Transformation with Spray Paint

I sure love Yard Sale season. Remember when Grace and I scored some seriously awesome finds at some yard sales in last fall (if not, check it here)?

One of my favorite finds from the fall was this tiki bar that Grace spotted on a Facebook Yard Sale site.


Can’t you see the potential in this Tiki Bar?


After some friendly bartering and negotiating, Grace and I shoved it in the back of my car, and off we drove (slowly, because that sucker was hanging out).

What you’ll soon find out is that spray paint and I have an intense relationship full of love and admiration.

Spray Paint– it’s pretty amazing.

Check out how some spray paint updated this tiki bar, and now it is ready for outside hangouts!

Anyone out there have some great before and after spray paint stories? If so, we would love to hear about them.

Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser

It’s Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser edition. 

A can of paint might be my favorite DIY/transformation tool. It has transformed and refreshed many pieces in my house, and every Tuesday you will get to see just what I am talking about. Perhaps you will even get to see some of my yard sale finds repurposed, repainted, reinvented, etc. You’re just gonna have to stay tuned. 

Check out this mid-century dresser that I found on the side of the road. 


Transformat Tuesday- painted dresser. Here's the before

Transformat Tuesday- painted dresser. Here’s the before


Now the Dresser had some dings in it, but I liked the lines and the style. Some paint, and some elbow grease, and check out the Transformation….


Here’s the same dresser in my oldest’s room. 


Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser.  Painted white and with some bright pops of color make this dresser perfect for my daughter's room

Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser.
Painted white and with some bright pops of color make this dresser perfect for my daughter’s room


Stay tuned for the next Transformation Tuesday. 

Have you transformed a piece of furniture lately? Please share it with us; we love the inspiration! 

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