Spring Mantel in the house

Anyone ever watch In The House? Oh, geesh, I loved that show and LL Cool J. Now while the reference is a throwback to the ’90s (hello, 1996!), this Spring Mantel is not donning a Kangol hat and singing “Hey Lover” (although, maybe next mantel… nah).

LL Cool J  loves my Spring Mantel

LL Cool J loves my Spring Mantel

If anyone is keeping tally, this is Mantel number 3 for 2014. First, there was my Valentine’s Day Mantel and then there was my Kiss Me, I’m a March Mantel. I have to be honest, I had a difficult time with this Spring Mantel because I didn’t want to spend a thing, again, and I (gasp) was not feeling the mantel love, but I pushed forth and through.

Now, my husband calls this my Mantel of Junk, but I prefer the term eclectic.

Let’s check her out..

 Spring Mantel


There is a collection of framed art in this Spring Mantel, and all of it  can be recreated (or bought).

Spring Mantel

The deer print on muslin was made with my good friend, Bailey. It’s a rather simple project of ironing the fabric onto freezer paper and running it through the printer. Bailey and I made a ton of fabric prints. We were/are slightly obsessed.

The little bird in the frame is a scrapbook paper punch-out. Seriously, how cute is that?

Bunny Easter Art

The little framed bunny silhouette is another scrapbook paper 3 minute project.

Spring Mantel


The black and white print is a gift from my high school pal and forever friend, Kristen. She took an art class on carving and made all of us high school gals fruits prints of her labor. If you are interested in learning this art, and you are in the Baltimore area, my sister is running a class on print/carving; you will leave with your own piece of art. You can contact her here.  And if, you would prefer to buy, she also has an etsy shop of all of her own prints. My personal favorite is her prints on dictionary paper, which would look adorable on a Spring Mantel.

Spring Mantel

A lot of my Spring Mantel components may look familiar from my March Mantel– Those little birds from the retirement home’s gift shop are still hanging out, and so are the branches of The Dollar Tree forsythia in the beer growler.

 Spring MantelSpring Mantel







I added two new little creatures to the mix, though: A cute straw bunny— is he not the cutest thing ever?( I am a sucker for those straw creatures)– and a glass duck, which belongs to Finn is a gift from my husband’s Aunt “Sis,” who lived to an impressive 95 years and was sharp, sweet, and strong.

And, of course, I added a really easy and simple banner from scrapbook paper.

There she is (yup, my mantel is still taking the feminine case).

Spring MantelSpring Mantel

Spring Mantel

Stay tuned for my next mantel which will showcase my favorite holiday: Flag Day!



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  1. Lorraine Imwold Art
    April 9, 2014 at 11:15 pm (10 years ago)

    Thank you for including information about my art and class!


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