Maryland Tax Free Week!


Attention Shoppers! With ‘Back to School’ lurking around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to do some shopping!

Maryland’s Tax Free Week is in motion, giving us a break from apparel and footwear less than $100 per item. While “accessories” are not included, I was surprised to see what actually qualifies for the exemption, certainly things that I thought would be “accessories” after all. You should check out this handy list put together by the Maryland Comptroller with all the specifics.

Want more info? Check out the State’s page for all the nitty gritty.

Hope you find some great deals!

image taken from googleimages

image taken from googleimages

DIY Bookcase from Craft Crates

DIY Bookcase out of Craft CratesRemember a while ago when I was distressing craft crates? I wanted the crates to look weathered and old? Well, it was to make a DIY bookcase out of craft crates. 

The boys’ book situation was getting out of control, and I wanted a bookshelf that wasfunctional, inexpensive, and pleasing to the eye. 

This DIY fit the bill. I bought each crate for about $6 (withJoAnn’s coupons, of course), so before I bought the casters to be screwed on the bottom of the crates, this bookshelf only cost my $36. 

Liquid Nail was my bff for this project. No tutorial is really needed. I weathered the crates, (read about it here),  glued the crates together using an ample amount of liquid nail, screwed some mending plates on for extra support, and fastened some casters to the bottom. 

Every once in a while I try to style this DIY bookcase from craft crates, but these books are on and off the shelf so many times a day that it seems like a fool’s task. Ehh, I’d rather the books be read than not, so I will concede this battle. 

Regardless, the bookshelf came out cute. At least I think so. 

DIY wood crate bookcase

DIY bookcase


Ideas for displaying Kids’ Artwork

Between school and home, my two boys are constantly creating masterpieces. With the constant influx of painted paper, cardboard box sculptures, and pipecleaner statues, my smallish house was getting smaller. So I came (and researched) up with some ideas for displaying kids’ artwork. 

Here are some of the ideas for displaying kids’ artwork that I have employed. 

Gallery Walls

 Kid's Artwork

I love the splash of color their artwork brings to the room. A touch of whimsy and something much more personal than a framed reproduction. Not to mention the boys love that their work is on display. 

 Displaying Kids  Artwork

In the boys’ play area in the basement, I framed a gallery wall with painter’s tape. Nothing is permanent, and it cost $3 (the cost of the roll of the tape)

Changeable Frames and Bullentin-esque Boards

 displaying kids art

Here’s another gallery wall in the house.  The snowman in this gallery wall is in a changeable frame. These changeable frames are great. You don’t have to take the frame off the wall, just flip open, and slide in the new art. Brilliant!


 Displaying Kids' Artwork

Remember the  Holiday Card Holder frame? Well, I kept that puppy up and use it now as another spot for displaying my guys’ work. 


Photo Books

 Displaying Kids' Artwork

Displaying Kids' artwork

Here’s my latest solution to the piles of art. After each year, I take pictures of each of my boys’ art. I upload, crop, and put into a picture/photo book. I can then recycle all that paper, save on space, and give the boys their very own book of art. 


How do you manage the art of your kid’s (kids’) masterpieces ?




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