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Burlap Wreath, Take Two

Way, way back Grace showed you how she made her easy Burlap Bubble Wreath. I too have made a burlap wreath, but mine is quite different than hers. I wanted it to look something like this wreath here, but I must have been a bad student and not followed the directions quite right. That’s okay though, because I actually like how mine turned out!         

What you need:

Burlap—mine was from

Wreath- I found that the one with compressed hay worked best—leave the plastic wrapping on!



Pins- at least 100


Step 1:

Cut your burlap. I cut my burlap into 3” x 3” squares. Be ready for a whole lot of burlap shedding—I found it easiest to cut my burlap over a large sheet of old wrapping paper. This way I could just crumple it up and toss it (and all burlap hairs) out. You need tons of squares, so make sure you have something entertaining to watch/listen to!


Step 2:

With wreath, pins, and burlap in hand, you’re ready to start assembling the wreath. You will fold each burlap square into a triangle:

square to triangle

From there, you fold it again into a loosely-shaped triangle:

loosely shaped triangle


Step 3:

Begin pinning your triangles into the wreath. I found it easiest to start on the inside of the wreath and work my way to the outside part. The last pin for the outer area is on the bottom edge of the actual wreath, so it’s nicely tucked away.

Overlap your triangles so no wreath shows through and rotate the wreath as you go. You can see that my triangles are very tightly packed.

pinning wreath


Step 4:

Continue to pin all the way around the wreath. It took me about 150 pins, 1 per burlap square. If you make your squares bigger to start with and want a looser look, then you will use way less.


Step 5:

Grab some ribbon and hang up the wreath.

 finished wreath

I like this wreath because it has a very simple look to it. I’ve hung it up as is, but have also stuck a small grouping similar to these wooden flowers in there as well during the very early fall:

image taken from

image taken from


Another victory for our old friend burlap.




Take Me Out to the Ball Game Baseball Wreath

Easy Baseball Wreath

 Easy Baseball Wreath

I love a good wreath. and “If you don’t know, now you know,…. ” ( please read/sing this to the tune of “Juicy”).

And if you saw my You’re a Grand Ole Flag Mantel, you know that I have a thing for anything patriotic. To me, baseball is pretty patriotic. After all,  it is America’s Pastime. So, an easy baseball wreath is right up my patriotic wreath-lovin’ alley.

There are some other tutorials on how to make a baseball wreath, but almost all of them suggest drilling holes in the balls, and using a wire hanger. I decided this was not a viable option because the wire will eventually sag, and the wreath will, too.

This one’s a pretty easy wreath to replicate, but you are going to need a whole lot of glue to make this one.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Baseballs (I used 11)

- Burlap  from

-Gorilla Glue, hot glue, or caulk (clear)

- 12 inch Wire Wreath Frame– You can get one here

baseball wreath

- Ribbon of your choice baseball team/color

- Baseball hat (optional)

Here’s what you’ll do:

- Glue the baseballs to the wire frame. The wreath form has a “cupped” side (like a channel) and a flat side. You want to place the balls in the cupped/channel side (basically, the wreath form side that will hold the balls). I found it helpful to first secure the baseballs to the form with hot glue, and then flip  the wreath over with the wire facing up, and fortify it with Gorilla Glue. hot glue,  or Caulk. Don’t be shy with the adhesive, and don’t worry what it looks like because no one will see the back of the wreath.

- Wrap burlap around the wreath- I wanted my burlap to be a little rustic, so I used scraps and pulled some strands out, so it would fray a bit. The burlap also helps hide the wreath form while securing the balls a bit more.


- Wrap some decorative ribbon to the wreath.

- Hang it!


There’s something about the look of used baseballs that I really just love. Am I am the only one?

Yarn American Flag Wreath

For the 4th of July and Flag Day (Grace would be sad if I didn’t mention it), everyone needs to show some good old American pride. This easy American Flag Yarn Wreath is the perfect way to do just that. This craft is from the early years of craft night—we had seen similar ones on Etsy and knew we could do this ourselves.

Pardon the lack of photos for this craft—we didn’t used to take pictures mid-craft back in the day. Luckily this craft doesn’t have much to it anyway!


What you need:

Foam Wreath

Red, White, and Blue Yarn

“Stars” of your choosing- buttons, pom-poms, white fabric, etc.

photo 1

Step 1:

Gather your supplies. You want to roughly plan out how big your red, white, and blue sections of yarn are going to be. You can lightly mark these ‘borders’ on your foam wreath.

foam wreath Step 2:

Start with your choice of yarn color. You don’t need a glue gun to secure the starting end of the yarn in place—simply wrap your yarn over it. We all did this for the entire wreath and none of ours have even come close to unraveling.

photo 3The wrapping can get a bit tedious, so we were fortunate to have each other to keep us occupied/from going a bit crazy. The girls can attest that I got a bit OCD with my wrapping—trying to keep it as straight as possible. This made me the slowpoke of the group, causing me to have to finish my wreath at home :(

Step 3:

For your final section of yarn (for us it was the blue), make sure you thread your ending piece through the blue wrapped section. Again, this will keep it from unraveling.

Glue your ‘stars’ onto the blue section of your wreath, and you are good to go!

Here are our three wreaths:

Fourth of July Yarn Wreath

Grace keeps it rustic by hanging it in front of a chalkboard.

Rona Yarn WreathRona made a cute braid to hang hers—love the pom-poms!

wreathI picked up some asymmetrical wooden star buttons and painted them with white acyclic craft paint that I had at home.


 What door décor do you have for the 4th? We’d love to see it.


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