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DIY Door Silencer

These days L is obsessed with opening and closing doors. OBSESSED!! I can just hear my mom now “well, why don’t you just keep all your doors closed”? We try, but the girl is fast, like Flash fast. As soon we crack a door she’s there. I fear for her little fingers every time she touches a door. So I decided to DIY a few door silencers to prevent squished fingers. Their intended purpose is to close doors quietly for sleeping babies but the padding will also prevent doors from slamming. They were very easy to sew, literally a few rectangles. Each one took about five minutes.

DIY silencer 1

Materials (for 1):

  • 1/8 yard fabric (I used scrap fabric from other projects)
  • 5″ x 3″ batting or felt (use another layer or two of fabric if you don’t have these)
  • two 2” long elastic or two 13” long ribbon

DIY silencer materials

*If you don’t have any scrap fabric, upcycle some old clothes.

Step 1:

Cut two 5” x 3” rectangles from your fabric. Cut one rectangle of the same size from your padding. I eyeballed my door lock and this measurement seemed appropriate. Be sure to measure yours if you have something other than the standard lock. I used 2 different fabrics for the front and back.

DIY silencer

Step 2:

Place one of the fabric rectangles on top of the padding (wrong side down). Make a U shape with an elastic piece. Pin each end of the U to the shorter side of the rectangle. Make sure the elastic U lays on the fabric and not outward like a handle.

DIY door silencer2

*If you are using ribbon, fold the excess neatly and pin to the center of the rectangle.

DIY door silencer3

Step 3:

Place the second fabric rectangle on top of the first one, right sides together. Pin all the way around.

DIY door silencer

Step 4:

Sew all the way around the rectangle leaving a small opening. Be sure to back stitch on the elastic/ribbon for a stronger hold.

DIY door silencer

Step 5:

Turn your rectangle inside out from the opening.

DIY door silencer

Step 6:

Sew the opening shut with a blind stitch. Ta-da! If you are feeling fancy, do step 7.

*If you are using ribbon, cut each loop in half and trim the ends.

Step 7 (optional):

Do a top stitch all around for a decorative touch. If you are feeling super fancy, I recommend ironing the seams before top stitching.

DIY door silencer

I like the look of the ribbon tie ones better, but the elastic ones are easier to hook on and off. Now that these are on the doors I don’t cringe as much when L is pushing a door shut. I have a feeling these will also come in handy during the moody, back talking teenage years.

silencer 4

silencer 5

Now my husband seems to think these are unnecessary. Your thoughts? Do you think they make a practical baby shower gift? Do your children have any strange obsessions?