Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser

It’s Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser edition. 

A can of paint might be my favorite DIY/transformation tool. It has transformed and refreshed many pieces in my house, and every Tuesday you will get to see just what I am talking about. Perhaps you will even get to see some of my yard sale finds repurposed, repainted, reinvented, etc. You’re just gonna have to stay tuned. 

Check out this mid-century dresser that I found on the side of the road. 


Transformat Tuesday- painted dresser. Here's the before

Transformat Tuesday- painted dresser. Here’s the before


Now the Dresser had some dings in it, but I liked the lines and the style. Some paint, and some elbow grease, and check out the Transformation….


Here’s the same dresser in my oldest’s room. 


Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser.  Painted white and with some bright pops of color make this dresser perfect for my daughter's room

Transformation Tuesday- Painted Dresser.
Painted white and with some bright pops of color make this dresser perfect for my daughter’s room


Stay tuned for the next Transformation Tuesday. 

Have you transformed a piece of furniture lately? Please share it with us; we love the inspiration! 

Easy Drop Cloth Crab Canvas

Drop Cloth Crab Art

There are some of us who just have a thing for crabs. I am not just talking about a thing for eating, but a thing  for displaying them. This love is akin to the obsession that many have for the Maryland Flag (remember my crab on burlap, which featured both the Maryland flag and a blue crab?).  

Now, I am not judging; swing by my house and you’ll find nods to those crustaceans (and the Maryland flag).   

The other day, I made an easy drop cloth crab canvas thing for one of my wonderful aunts. She recently sent me some gorgeous hand-knitted and crocheted scarves, and I wanted to send her a little thanks.

So I came up with this easy drop cloth crab canvas.

The pictures will tell the story, but here are a few tips for you folks at home.

I had an old canvas, which I spray painted because I wanted to make sure the old marks didn’t show through when I covered it with the drop cloth. You could easily use a new one, but I have a little stockpile of old canvases (and I am like Captain Planet, so I reused that ish). 

I then covered the canvas with the drop cloth. Staple and pull tightly, and wrap the corners like you would a present. 

Before I put paint to the drop cloth, I used chalk to outline my crab. I used a google image of the crab, and freehanded it. HOWEVER, you could print out a crab, trace over it with chalk, and then place the chalk drawing down onto the canvas/drop cloth to get an outline. This is a similar technique to how some people create those gorgeous chalkboard art designs.

Drop Cloth Crab 

Drop Cloth Crab ArtI might just have to make another because I like it so much. 

Who else out there gets this crab obsession?













Makeup Dupes Soup

I am so excited today to share with you all some MakeUp Dupes, as in makeup that could duplicate for those high-end products.

Now, I am sure you are thinking to yourself, “I didn’t know Grace knew anything about makeup.” 

Well, I don’t, really.

But, my friend Mike does.

I invited Mike to share his makeup expertise with you. He knows his stuff. His makeup looks flawless and fresh, and he’s always current on all the best makeup dupes and tricks. 

When I asked Mike to share his expertise with us, he was enthusiastic and so sweet. Just talking to him, I picked up some tips on makeup application. If we play our cards right, he just might come back and share some makeup tips with us later… 

Makeup Dupe Soup…  

By: Mike Brooks      

Hey Gals and guys, who like the designer makeup look, but for less! I’ve always got my eyes out for a good drugstore dupe. I mean, who doesn’t want to look their very best without breaking the bank?            

Here’s a few of the dupes I’ve run into either by trial and error, or basically repurposing  a makeup.

First up:

Wet n Wild Reserve your Cabana slays HourGlass lighting powder

Wet n Wild Reserve your Cabana slays HourGlass lighting powder

   HourGlass* Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder which retails for around  $45 is duped by Wet N Wild’s* Reserve Your Cabana Bronzer (once you see the pigment of this you’ll understand right away it’s a highlighter/finishing powder) which retails for an astonishing 41 bucks less at around $4.      If you likemake up foundation dupe Bobbi Brown* Liquid Foundation and don’t want to pay the steep price of $50, why not try Maybelline* Fit Me Foundation for only $8?   

Now, let’s talk bronzers. bronzer

These days matte powder bronzers are all the rage, but if you don’t want to shell out the $35for Estee Lauder* Bronze Goddess Powder, you’ll be relieved when I tell you it’s dupe Rimmel London* Natural Bronzer only cost $5.  

Color Correcting Dupes Capture

Try this dupe for $3

Try this dupe for $3

Right now, color correcting pallets have been coming out in all the high end brands. If you’ve never tried them and don’t want to pay the not too bad price of $12 for the NYX* Color Correcting Pallet, you can pay 4 times less with Elf’s* Tone Correcting Pallet at a whopping $3!   Well, that’s all the makeup dupes I have for ya, but I will leave you with one more. elf brush How would you put on all this fabulous makeup without the right tools? If you’re paying between $15 – $50 on MAC* or Sephora* Brushes, might I suggest you take a look at Elf* Brushes which are between $1 – $3, Elf* started out online only, and then branched out to Target, but now I hear many retailers are carrying them. My favorite is the Elf* Studio Mineral Powder brush which retails for $3, great for contouring & highlighting.   What makeup dupes do you use?  Please comment because everyone should be able to afford to look great! – Mike      


Want to try out some of Mike’s favorite Makeup Dupes? Enter the giveaway to win some of his favorite products!  Good Luck! 

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