PB inspired Patriotic Burlap Banner

Patriotic Burlap Bunting

Have you guys seen Pottery Barn’s patriotic decor yet? As usual, it’s on point. If you can’t wait for the patriotic burlap banner Pottery Barn features to go on sale, you can make one yourself for less than the cost of shipping!Seriously.

This is a cheap and easy project, with which my oldest kiddo helped me. It took me less than 30 minutes to imitate Pottery Barn’s Patriotic Burlap Banner (I still don’t know if this is considered bunting–what’s the consensus on this matter?).

What You’ll Need to make a Pottery Barn inspired Patriotic Burlap Banner:

- Paint, Paintbrushes, Scissors, Twine/Jute, Hot Glue and Gun


-BURLAP–Holler at burlapfabrics.com

Patriotic Burlap Bunting Patriotic Burlap Bunting

What You’ll Do:

- Cut some triangles out of the burlap — refer to my St. Patrick’s Day Bunting for picture reference and details.

- Cut out some stars from thick cardstock to use as a your stencil.

- Place stars on the banner.

patriotic burlap bunting- Begin painting. I used a foam brush, and I watered my paint down a bit. I also just moved my stars down as I went for a 3-2-1 star pattern.

- Repeat

- Start on Stripe Banners

-Roughly measure out your stripes.

-Paint the stripes. I watered down my paint.

- Measure out a bit of twine/jute/string. Evenly space out each triangle, and hot glue. See my Kiss Me, I’m Burlap Bunting for more info.


You’re finished. Celebrate your thriftiness and craftiness in patriotic glory.

Patriotic Bunting


Patriotic Banner








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