Upcycled Baby Clothes

Do you have clothes in your closet that you know you will never wear again but you just can’t seem to part with? I have a whole pile! It’s hard to let go a pretty pattern or quality material. Instead of letting these “maybe one day” pieces take up valuable real estate in my closet, I decided to upcycle them into clothes for L.

I found that shirts to skirts is the easiest to refashion. Cut below the armpit to the desired length then fold 2 inches and sew a pocket to thread the elastic. You don’t even need to hem the bottom.

upcycled baby clothes 1

A boxy shirt is easy to turn into a sheath dress. I used one of L’s dresses as a pattern to cut out the front and back pieces, then sewed along the sides leaving the arm holes.

upcycled baby clothes 2

Pillowcase dresses is another easy one to make. Sew two rectangles together, leaving arm holes then use elastic or ribbon around the neckline. I made this one from a skirt, using the ribbon from the skirt as adjustable shoulder straps.

upcycled baby clothes 3

Next, I’m thinking tube top to romper?! I will report back. What do you do with your “maybe one day” pieces? Have you made any upcycled baby clothes?

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