Boxwood Bunny Wreath


Boxwood Bunny Wreath

 You all know how I love a fast and easy craft, right? Well,  this Boxwood Bunny Wreath is not. Maybe I am being a little overly dramatic. It’s not incredibly difficult, but it is not remarkably fast.  This is definitely not like the Burlap Bubble Wreath, which took all of 15 minutes. Nope, this little bunny required a little more time. You are going to have to devote ONE WHOLE HOUR to this little Spring cutie. I know, right. One whole hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that…  

Just kidding. Everyone has time for this Boxwood Bunny Wreath because it’s cute and cheap. If my crafts aren’t going to be quick and easy, they better at least be cheap. Apparently, my ideal crafts are floozies. Yup, I just personified my crafts. Things just got weird.

 What you’ll need:

- Three Wire Hangers

- Greenery- mine were from Joann’s (thanks, Carrie!)- 3 bunches

I wanted boxwood greenery, but I couldn’t find any. I guess if you want to get technical, this isn’t a boxwood bunny wreath, technically. But, Honey Badger Grace don’t care (I’m full of timely–read: not timely– virile video allusions today, aren’t I?)

Boxwood Bunny Wreath

-Floral Wire

-Burlap Ribbon ( you know I had to feed my burlap addiction) or any other ribbon you like

-Wire cutters


What you’ll do:

 - Shape the bunny’s body.

I shaped my bunny’s body by using two pots. I cut the hook off of the hanger and twisted it around two different sized bowls. For those who like precise measurements, my bunny’s head has a 6 inch diameter and the body is about 8. You will use the pliers to secure the circles.

Boxwood Bunny Shape

-Shape the ears

For the ears, I found that the shoulders of the hanger make perfect bunny ears, so I made four cuts on that hanger. This was my least favorite part of securing the ears to the head. I just used some brute force to get it done.

-Take apart the greens, so you have little sprigs.

I just cut the sprigs off the stem, which was easy since the sprigs were made of plastic and not wire.

Boxwood Bunny

-Tie/wrap the sprigs on the bunny form with your floral wire. 

I made my sprigs go in the same direction. I also found it easiest to cut a long piece of floral wire and just start wrapping the wiring around the sprigs. Nothing scientific. It was definitely a learning curve here. This is your longest step. You’ll need to finesse the leaves in case your wire holds all the leaves down.

-Put a bow on it.

- Hang it.

I broke it down for you with a series of pictures.

Boxwood Bunny Wreath

Boxwood Bunny Wreath


I think she’s pretty cute even though it wasn’t the quickest craft I’ve ever whipped up.

Boxwood Bunny Wreath

 Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way!

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