Framed Chalkboard Art

If you have been keeping up with Teachlovecraft, then you know how much I love seasonal decor (check out my March, Easter, Flag Day, and Fall mantel ).  Swapping decor gives a little brightness to the doldrums of winter. Plus it always feels like I’m decorating for a party- a celebration of the next season/holiday–and who doesn’t love a party?

Another piece of my seasonal decorating is the use of  chalkboard art. I, along with a million others, love a gorgeous framed chalkboard. It might be the teacher in me, my love of handwriting, my affinity for word, or all of the above.   Regardless, I cannot get enough.

When looking for the perfect chalkboard, I scoured Marshall’s and Homegoods. They have a bevy of options, but most I found were rustic. I wanted mine framed in gold. Luckily, my sister happened to have an old framed piece of art salvaged from a house. We got out the gold spray paint for the frame, and slapped on chalkboard paint right onto the canvas.  It was just what I wanted. 

Now, it’s perfect to fit all my seasonal whims and feelings. 

Check out my framed chalkboard and my chalkboard art from this year:

wintervdayspringmarchmarch 2eastereaster 2Am I the only one holding on tightly to the framed chalkboard movement? 

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