Yard Sale Tips and Tricks

(post by Katie)

Top 10 yard sale tips and tricks

It’s no secret that Grace and I love a good bargain……and even better– a good HUNT for a bargain. 

So, what do I do when Grace texts me a pic of a sweet tiki bar at 7am on a Saturday morning with “Wanna check out this yard sale?” 

I simply reply, ‘What do you want from Dunkin Donuts? I’m on my way to pick you up!”

yard sale tips and tricks


Needless to say, I love a good yard sale and so does Grace.  That’s why we’ve compiled this list of Top 10 Yard Sale Tips and Tricks to help you navigate yard sales like a pro.

Top 10 Yard Sale Tips and Tricks
1.  Do your research.
Check out Craigslist or your local paper/website a couple of days before to see which yard sales are happening in your area.  If pictures are attached, it’s a good way for you to know the kinds of items that will be available.  Multi family/community yard sales are always at the top of my list!
2. Take a partner.
It’s way more fun when you have a friend in tow.  Plus, you will have an extra set of eyes searching for you plus and extra set of hands if needed.  It’s mutually beneficial really!

3. Bring cash money (ching ching)
Money talks!  But, don’t forget small bills.  Nobody likes that person negotiating down a few bucks just to turn around and pull out a $20 bill and ask for change.  SMH

4. Don’t forget a large tote or bag to stash your goodies.
Especially if you are going to a multi family or community yard sale.  Your arms will thank us.
5. Dig through the boxes
Under the plates, behind the books, in the drawers……..Yard sales contain treasures waiting to be discovered! Grace and I were recently at a yard sale, and because we dug through the boxes we hit paydirt!

6.Never pay full price.
Or don’t even ask a price. Offer up what you think is fair and workable in your budget.  
7. Bundle, bundle, bundle
Hands down you will get your best deal if you go for a package deal.
8.  #Hoard aka Never pass up a deal too good to be true.
If it’s an amazing deal you just can’t pass up, don’t.  I’m a hoarder so if I like it, it’s most likely gonna come home with me and most likely I will eventually use it in some capacity……maybe.
9.  Leave your name and number.
If a seller just doesn’t want to meet you on a price,  leave a number and let them know you’ll still be interested if the item doesn’t sell. 

Also, we like to leave our numbers if a seller happens to mention she has more stuff she didn’t have time to put out.  
10.  Just say, “Yes” to online yard sales
Or as I like to call them, time suckers.  Facebook has online yard sale groups you can request to join in your specific region.  There are many good deals available in these postings!


My (Katie's)  latest yards sale haul

My (Katie’s) latest yards sale haul

There you have it. Our Top Ten Yard Sale Tips and Tricks . 


What tricks and tips do you have up your sleeve?

A new addition

Hey, all you faithful readers, 

I want to introduce you to a new addition to TeachLoveCraft. 

Meet Katie. 

Katie is simply a blast. She is always up for an adventure (see Yard Sale Tips for more on that), never takes herself too seriously, spots potential is most all things (furniture, clothing, glitter, Wal-mart Craft aisles, students, etc), and has a seriously talented (and fun) eye for design.

 Katie is one of my go-to sounding/idea boards. She’s honest and straightforward without being haughty and unkind. 


Katie and I "coached" in the beginning of summer.

Katie and I “coached” in the beginning of summer.




Hosting a cute Baby Shower at work

Just last year, little Lisa was pregnant with her adorable little chick. Remember her absolutely gorgeous shower that her mother-in-law hosted and threw? In December of last year we threw Lisa a shower at work/school. 

While this shower does not rival Lisa’s original shower, I thought it was nicely done for a baby shower at work (and I’m not just saying that because I helped host this one). 


A workplace shower

Of course we included burlap, banners, and our take on balloons. 

To jazz up a very sterile baby shower (as work showers  tend to be), we covered the desks with tablecloths, brought in some silver serving dishes and a punch bowl, and added some decorations that are the standard pacifier/baby shower items at Party City.  


Baby shower activity

We also had our guests help make Baby T a book of her ABCs. Everyone enjoyed creating a creature or scene out of his/her letter. Here is the sample we gave for reference, which pales in comparison to some of the other pages. 

baby shower craft

At the end of the shower, Rona took all the pages and collated them into a book of ABC’s for Baby T. 

baby shower cake


baby carriage cake

And, what’s a shower without a cake? We are ever so fortunate to have a talented friend and colleague who made the baby carriage cake. 

 While we are told that it is the thought that counts, it still is nice if the thought is presented with care, which is what we tried to do when we threw Lisa a cute baby shower at work. 






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