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Burlap Webbing American Flag

When I first saw the red ticked burlap webbing that we received from, I immediately thought of two things: Christmas and American Flag. Since it’s a bit early for Christmas crafts, I’m going to share the Burlap Webbing American Flag that I envisioned and was (happily) able to create.

I knew the webbing would be a great fit for a rustic style American Flag—perfect for our home décor.

 Burlap Webbing American Flag

What you need:

Canvas (I suppose you could use wood too)

Red Ticked Burlap Webbing

Blue Burlap Garland (found in floral section of craft store) – or any leftover blue fabric you may have

Hot Glue Gun


Optional- something for stars

Burlap Webbing American Flag

Step 1:

Cut your strips down to size so they fit your canvas. I chose to wrap my strips around the sides of my canvas so the white edges weren’t exposed. I did not wrap the bottom, as it will be leaning on a table or shelf, but I did choose to wrap the top. In total I needed 5 strips.

I also cut out a rectangle from my blue burlap garland to serve as the blue part of my flag.

Step 2:

Layout your strips next to your canvas. As you can see, the strips are quite a bit taller than the canvas, so you have to decide how you want to layer them in order for everything to fit on the canvas.

I wasn’t crazy about the uneven spacing between the red lines and burlap color, so I decided to layer my strips to hide the top red line on each piece of webbing. This would give me nice even red/burlap spaces.

Burlap Webbing American Flag

Step 3:

Fire up that glue gun and get to work. With each strip, I glued the left side of the canvas and simply worked my way to the right, again adhering it to the side of the canvas.

You can see how I cover the top red line on each piece of webbing in the photos below.

Burlap Webbing American Flag

Step 4:

Grab your blue burlap rectangle and glue it to your flag. Since the blue burlap had bigger spaces/was more see through, I was worried that gluing the entire rectangle down would show through to the surface. Therefore, I chose to glue down just the edges of the blue fabric—it stays on there just fine.

Burlap Webbing American Flag

Step 5:

Decision making time- stars or no stars? At the moment I have no stars on my flag and I think I will keep it that way. Reason 1: I like the simplicity of the flag without the stars

Reason 2: I made several attempts to cut small stars out of good old burlap, but each ‘edge’ of the star unraveled, leaving me with a 3 or 4 pronged/misshapen star. Perhaps if I see some pre-cut burlap stars that fit the bill at a craft store I will buy them and see if I like how they look on the flag.

Burlap Webbing American Flag

I just love how this craft came out! Currently it’s on the foyer table instead of its intended shelf destination—we’ll see if it stays put.


Happy 4th of July!!


PB inspired Patriotic Burlap Banner

Patriotic Burlap Bunting

Have you guys seen Pottery Barn’s patriotic decor yet? As usual, it’s on point. If you can’t wait for the patriotic burlap banner Pottery Barn features to go on sale, you can make one yourself for less than the cost of shipping!Seriously.

This is a cheap and easy project, with which my oldest kiddo helped me. It took me less than 30 minutes to imitate Pottery Barn’s Patriotic Burlap Banner (I still don’t know if this is considered bunting–what’s the consensus on this matter?).

What You’ll Need to make a Pottery Barn inspired Patriotic Burlap Banner:

- Paint, Paintbrushes, Scissors, Twine/Jute, Hot Glue and Gun


-BURLAP–Holler at

Patriotic Burlap Bunting Patriotic Burlap Bunting

What You’ll Do:

- Cut some triangles out of the burlap — refer to my St. Patrick’s Day Bunting for picture reference and details.

- Cut out some stars from thick cardstock to use as a your stencil.

- Place stars on the banner.

patriotic burlap bunting- Begin painting. I used a foam brush, and I watered my paint down a bit. I also just moved my stars down as I went for a 3-2-1 star pattern.

- Repeat

- Start on Stripe Banners

-Roughly measure out your stripes.

-Paint the stripes. I watered down my paint.

- Measure out a bit of twine/jute/string. Evenly space out each triangle, and hot glue. See my Kiss Me, I’m Burlap Bunting for more info.


You’re finished. Celebrate your thriftiness and craftiness in patriotic glory.

Patriotic Bunting


Patriotic Banner








Outfit Ideas: Red, White and Blue

What’s more Americana than red, white and blue? This patriotic color scheme is more than just a flag on a t-shirt on the 4th of July. Variations of this color combination can be worn all year round. Quite a few designers have created timeless pieces in this palette for their collections. I’m currently crushing on the collaboration between Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger. I mean she’s so stinkin’ cute. Inspired by this collection, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite red, white and blue outfits to share.

First up, horizontal stripes. A basic and classic pattern that I consider as a wardrobe staple. Add a few red accents and it’s ready for work or a family BBQ. Horizontal stripes can tricky. It’s a good idea to play around with proportion of the stripes and silhouette of the garment to find something that flatters your body type.

red white and blue outfit 1

top: H&M (similar), maxi: American Apparel (similar), shoes: Old Navy old (similar), neckalce: JCrew, belt: H&M (came with another dress)

DSC02152red white and blue outfit 2

sweater: Mango (similar), skirt: Mango for JCPenny (similar), shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

Nautical is an easy way to incorporate this color combination. I’m partial to anchor prints for the summer. To avoid looking too sailor-ish, use small accents or focus on just one large graphic.

red white and blue outfit 3

dress: Old Navy (similar), shirt: BR (similar), belt: Target (came with another dress), shoes: Target (similar), necklace: JCrew

red white and blue outfit 4

t-shirt: JCrew Factory (similar), chambray: H&M (similar), chino:H&M, shoes: Target (similar), hat: JCrew

The trend of color blocking is still going strong. Red, white and blue is a great way to try out this fashion craze if you’ve been staying away. Generally I try to avoid neons and go for colors that are more versatile. Tim gun may consider this combination boring and safe, but high lighter yellow just isn’t for me.

red white and blue outfit 5

blazer: BR (similar, similar) , top: H&M (similar), pants: Loft (similar), shoes: Ralph Lauren (similar), jewels: T&Co, JCrew

red white and blue outfit 6

shirt: Old Navy, cardigan: BR (similar), skirt: Mod Cloth (similar), shoes: Nine West (similar), belt: Forever 21, jewels: Ily Couture

Hope these outfit ideas have inspired you to wear this color combo all year round. What is your go to red, white and blue outfit? What fashion trends are you dying to try?