Party’s Heeeeeeeeeeere

For years, Rona, Lisa, and I (Grace) have sat in the planning room in school (while grading copious papers and planning stellar lessons, obviously) brainstorming extracurricular ventures for ourselves.


When Lisa started making fabulous monthly cupcakes for teacher lunches, we came up with a bakery called “Hold the Milk.” When I started the unbelievably frustrating childcare search for my second little guy, we began thinking of innovative daycare ideas. Lisa was on her way from transitioning to becoming a Media Specialist (read: Librarian) and Rona and I were working on engaging lessons, and we thought, “Maybe we could do this for really little people.” How cute. How fun. Just like “Hold the Milk,” that idea stayed on the proverbial brainstorming board.

And then… almost three years ago… we started a monthly craft night. Then came the updates after the weekend where we would share with each other what we managed to change, transform, create, and beautify.  Often seeking each other’s ideas, opinions, and advice on projects, we discovered our newest and most promising adventure: a blog.

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