Ideas for displaying Kids’ Artwork

Between school and home, my two boys are constantly creating masterpieces. With the constant influx of painted paper, cardboard box sculptures, and pipecleaner statues, my smallish house was getting smaller. So I came (and researched) up with some ideas for displaying kids’ artwork. 

Here are some of the ideas for displaying kids’ artwork that I have employed. 

Gallery Walls

 Kid's Artwork

I love the splash of color their artwork brings to the room. A touch of whimsy and something much more personal than a framed reproduction. Not to mention the boys love that their work is on display. 

 Displaying Kids  Artwork

In the boys’ play area in the basement, I framed a gallery wall with painter’s tape. Nothing is permanent, and it cost $3 (the cost of the roll of the tape)

Changeable Frames and Bullentin-esque Boards

 displaying kids art

Here’s another gallery wall in the house.  The snowman in this gallery wall is in a changeable frame. These changeable frames are great. You don’t have to take the frame off the wall, just flip open, and slide in the new art. Brilliant!


 Displaying Kids' Artwork

Remember the  Holiday Card Holder frame? Well, I kept that puppy up and use it now as another spot for displaying my guys’ work. 


Photo Books

 Displaying Kids' Artwork

Displaying Kids' artwork

Here’s my latest solution to the piles of art. After each year, I take pictures of each of my boys’ art. I upload, crop, and put into a picture/photo book. I can then recycle all that paper, save on space, and give the boys their very own book of art. 


How do you manage the art of your kid’s (kids’) masterpieces ?




Face the Wall-Gallery Wall

Last you’ve heard, we’ve made some progress in L’s room. With some of the more dire projects around the house out of the way (more on those later), I am finally ready to add some fun and color to that big empty wall above her dresser.

The plan is to add a mirror and fill the rest of the wall space with lots of bright art work that are inspired by L. I’ve started a collection of DIY pieces like this and this (more on those later), but I needed more. So I’ve been scavenging the Internet for unique and affordable prints to add to my collection. Then, I came across, a site that houses hundreds of art work from independent artists around the world. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m sharing a mood board of a few things in my shopping cart to give you a little preview of L’s gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Ideas

  1. This mirror is a front runner for the gallery wall. It’s the right size and and I love the shape. (PB Kids)
  2. This little sign is just the right amount of adorable and chic. And it can be personalized with L’s name. (Minted)
  3. L LOVES animals. I bet this will be her favorite thing on the wall. (Minted)
  4. L is quite the little gardener. Watering plants is one of her favorite activities. I like to think a bouquet in a watering can is kind of a classic art print. I like the cheery blossoms and personalized detail. (Minted)
  5. How cool is this map?! Talk about functional art! It makes a great gift too. (Minted)
  6. Simple yet pretty. Since the ikkat/boho/arrow trend is still going strong, I’m hopping on that bandwagon. (Minted)
  7. The curtains in my room growing up were of a very similar popsicle pattern. Nostalgia! (Minted)
  8.  This gorgeous gold foil map is of Washington DC. A city we frequent often with L. Plus it’s always fun to add a little bling. (Minted)

I plan to keep all the frames in similar hues to give the gallery wall a more uniformed feel. I’m thinking either distressed/white washed oak or gold tones. Can’t wait to show you the finished product. Stay tuned! 

Have you visited I seriously spent hours browsing.So many pretty things! Are you obsessed with gallery walls as much as I am? I’ve pinning gallery wall inspirations every waking minute.

Framed Chalkboard Art


If you have been keeping up with Teachlovecraft, then you know how much I love seasonal decor (check out my March, Easter, Flag Day, and Fall mantel ).  Swapping decor gives a little brightness to the doldrums of winter. Plus it always feels like I’m decorating for a party- a celebration of the next season/holiday–and who doesn’t love a party?

Another piece of my seasonal decorating is the use of  chalkboard art. I, along with a million others, love a gorgeous framed chalkboard. It might be the teacher in me, my love of handwriting, my affinity for word, or all of the above.   Regardless, I cannot get enough.

When looking for the perfect chalkboard, I scoured Marshall’s and Homegoods. They have a bevy of options, but most I found were rustic. I wanted mine framed in gold. Luckily, my sister happened to have an old framed piece of art salvaged from a house. We got out the gold spray paint for the frame, and slapped on chalkboard paint right onto the canvas.  It was just what I wanted. 

Now, it’s perfect to fit all my seasonal whims and feelings. 

Check out my framed chalkboard and my chalkboard art from this year:

wintervdayspringmarchmarch 2eastereaster 2Am I the only one holding on tightly to the framed chalkboard movement? 

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