Baby Love and a beautiful baby shower

Our Lisa of teachlovecraft is going to have a baby, and we couldn’t be more excited. The other weekend, Lisa’s mother-in-law (and one of my new party-planning and decorating heroes) hosted an absolutely gorgeous baby shower for Lisa. 

Lisa is a Media Specialist by day, so the vintage Peter Rabbit and book theme was a natural and perfect choice. 

The pictures I took with my phone definitely don’t do the beauty of this shower justice, but you’ll get the essence of it all. 

Donna, Lisa’s mother-in-law and possibly next reigning star of HGTV (seriously, how does she not have her show or monthly spread in Better Homes?), made baby scented candles for all of her guests. Perhaps you remember the favors with which Lisa helped Donna back in the Spring?  The display was beautiful, and I loved the idea behind the candle.  The sign above the candles read: “Make a little light for the light of their lives. When you hear that Lisa has gone into labor light your candle to guide & welcome Baby T into the world.” How sweet is that??



And, you all know how I love an accessorized mantel. Check out this beauty! On the mantel were framed pictures of the parents-to-be as babes (side note: Lisa’s baby is going to be ridiculously cute), a touch of whimsy with that adorable lamb and bunny peaking out, and a banner (this shower should have just been titled, “All things Grace loves”).


 Donna masterfully incorporated adorably gorgeous vignettes throughout her home like this shelf above her mudroom’s bench.  Donna painted and stained the big block as well as the blocks in the glass jars. 

Baby love IMG_3230


Check out the vinyl decal above the desserts, and the bunny, and the cotton blossoms, and the latterns,  and the purposely selected books… 

Baby love


And to really complete the literary theme, all the guests got to wish and provide advice to the expecting parents. 

baby love




 This shower was lovely, sweet, and thoughtful– a perfect reflection of Lisa.  














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