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Teacher Discounts

As we head back to school, many of us are not only spending money to freshen up our wardrobes, but on countless classroom supplies as well. There are many spectacular teachers out there who spend HUNDREDS each year just so their students can have a classroom environment that is welcoming, organized, and most importantly, makes them feel successful.

If you haven’t yet checked out Passion for Savings, please do yourself a favor and do so! You can find great deals, coupons, and all sorts of money saving tips! For us teachers, they put together a list of 90+ retailers that give teacher discounts—pretty amazing.


image taken from google images

Here are a few of our favorites (for both in and out of the classroom):


Aside from crafting and DIYing at home, the classroom is a hot spot for creativity—even in High School the kids get giddy at the sight of markers and paper. Our beloved Joann’s, Michaels, and Hancock Fabrics offer 15% discounts for teachers with a valid id.


The Apple store offers both student and teacher discounts, whereas companies like Best Buy, Bose, Adobe, and Dell have special teacher discounts and promotions that vary throughout the year as well as by location. Certainly something worth looking into!


Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million both offer educator discount programs that can save you 20% on materials for the classroom.

The Container Store- sign up online to receive special educator promotions via email! A well organized classroom is key not only for student success, but also for maintaining teacher sanity :)

School Supplies—(because if we had a dollar for anytime we heard “Can I have a pencil?”, we’d all be rich…)

Office Max, Staples, and Office Depot all offer teacher discount programs. You should also check with your county or district to see if you have an additional partnership program with any of these stores.


The Loft has a program called Loft Loves Teachers that you should join. You get 15% off and also receive special coupons throughout the year.

J Crew and The Limited both offer 15% with a teacher id while Banana Republic offers 10% with id.


pinterest-classroom-memeWe wish our fellow teaches many discounts, and a great start to the new school year!

Posters so you can read good and stuff

Every student that steps into my room knows that I love to cover my walls in posters. Some of my posters actually relate to English/Language Arts, and others are there for visual enjoyment. 

My classroom is a smattering of homemade posters, fabulous student work, old college dorm posters, bought posters, and most recently posters made by an extremely talented and generous colleague and friend, Bailey 

college poster

A poster from college. I like to tell my students that that painting is of me, my sister, and my mom.

homemade poster

My students love this saying, and as a first year teacher, I needed some motivational sayings just as much as I needed to cover my walls.

student posters

My students are extremely talented and creative. This is just a taste of the gorgeousness that they create.

What I am about to share with you, my friends, is from the generosity and creative genius of Bailey. 

These are great posters for the English/Language Arts classrooms, and work well with Common Core and PARCC.

 mustache poster picture


talking to the textsummary poster 

Are they not awesome? Bailey, a girl after my own heart, understands the beauty of fonts and black and white graphics. 

Check them out. Download them (below). Print them. Hang them. Thank Bailey for her generosity and creativity! Thanks, Bailey!

Here are the links to pdf copies of these posters. Enjoy!

 Talk to Text Poster Summary Poster mustache critical mustache

How do you decorate your classroom?