Posters so you can read good and stuff

Every student that steps into my room knows that I love to cover my walls in posters. Some of my posters actually relate to English/Language Arts, and others are there for visual enjoyment. 

My classroom is a smattering of homemade posters, fabulous student work, old college dorm posters, bought posters, and most recently posters made by an extremely talented and generous colleague and friend, Bailey 

college poster

A poster from college. I like to tell my students that that painting is of me, my sister, and my mom.

homemade poster

My students love this saying, and as a first year teacher, I needed some motivational sayings just as much as I needed to cover my walls.

student posters

My students are extremely talented and creative. This is just a taste of the gorgeousness that they create.

What I am about to share with you, my friends, is from the generosity and creative genius of Bailey. 

These are great posters for the English/Language Arts classrooms, and work well with Common Core and PARCC.

 mustache poster picture


talking to the textsummary poster 

Are they not awesome? Bailey, a girl after my own heart, understands the beauty of fonts and black and white graphics. 

Check them out. Download them (below). Print them. Hang them. Thank Bailey for her generosity and creativity! Thanks, Bailey!

Here are the links to pdf copies of these posters. Enjoy!

 Talk to Text Poster Summary Poster mustache critical mustache

How do you decorate your classroom?

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