Easy St. Patrick’s Day Foam Sticker Wreath for Kids


Oh, I’m a proud Mama (I always am, but in a few sentences you will see why I am especially proud).

I have a thing for wreaths. It really is no secret around here. I just really love them. So imagine my elation when I devised a craft for my oldest to create that yielded his very first wreath. A foam sticker wreath, but a wreath nonetheless.

Easy Wreath for Kids with Foam Stickers

Look at the wreath; ignore the chocolate stache!

This is a project that almost all kids will dig because it is not super time consuming, it will not cause frustration, and it uses stickers. Heeellllllllllllllooooooooooo, stickers are awesome.

In other words, it fits into my trend of easy crafts (like this, and this, and this… )

Here’s what you will need:

- Seasonally/Holiday Themed Foam stickers (you can get these from The Dollar Tree or any craft store)

Kids' craft with foam stickers

Check out this cache of foam stickers.


- Cardboard/Thick Poster Paper

-Ribbon (optional)

Here’s what you will do:

- Cut the cardboard into a wreath shape– For this step, I placed a bowl on the cardboard and had F trace around it to make the initial circle. Then I had him place a smaller bowl in the center of the bigger circle and had him trace that, too. For ease, you could have this done ahead of time.

- Open the packs of foam stickers and allow your kiddo to design/decorate his/her wreath. 

That’s it.

F created a wreath and worked on his fine motor skills– a winner of a craft!

Peeling the backs off the stickers is some hard work.

Peeling the backs off the stickers is some hard work.

Work in progress

Work in progress

I think he’s pretty proud of it, too.


Easy Wreath for Kids with Foam Stickers

St. Patrick’s Day Proud


Side note: This is probably just a reminder for myself, but… restrain from dictating how the stickers should be placed/arranged, etc. When I envisioned this craft, I thought it would be absolutely adorable if the stickers were overlapped and layered all around the wreath.In fact, I suggested that to F when he first started, but I quickly bit my tongue and let him go. It was his craft, not mine. If I wanted one that was perfectly layered, I could make one myself.

Even though the layers would have been lovely, it wouldn’t have been his work; it would have been mine. Instead, he is proud that he created a lovely wreath that is all his own.

Wow! A foam shaped wreath dropped some learning on me! (Warning: Teacher talk is about to start) From a teacher’s perspective, I get annoyed when parents complete their children’s homework/project because I want to see what my students can do. But now here’s the other side, I want to not only see what they can do, but I also want them to be PROUD of their work, and they can’t be if it isn’t their own. Who would have thought some foam stickers would make a girl think so?







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