DIY Swaddle Blanket

Last week I came across some super adorable bunny print Snuggle Flannels at Joann’s. You know I have a thing for bunnies (proof here and here). As soon as I laid eyes on them I knew they would make the perfect baby blanket for a dear friend’s little bun in the oven! Unlike many of my other sewing projects, I’m happy to report that no sewing machine was harmed during the making of this DIY swaddle blanket.


 DIY swaddle blanket 1

  • 2 yards of flannel (or other snuggly fabrics)
  • 2 packs of pre-made piping
  • matching thread

Step 1: Cut your fabric to the desired dimensions. I used a receiving blanket as a guide and trimmed mine to 53″x53″.

Step 2: Pin the piping along the perimeter of the fabric (on the right side). Be sure to pin the piping side in and line the end exactly with the edge of the fabric. I rounded the corners for easy bending.

DIY swaddle blanket 2

Step 3: sew all the way around.

DIY swaddle blanket 3

Step 4: Pin the right sides of the fabrics together, then sew all the around leaving a small opening. I followed the line of thread that I made when I sewed the piping on.

DIY swaddle blanket 4

Step 5: Turn the blanket right side out and top stitch the opening shut.

Step 6 (optional): Sew a decorative stitch along the perimeter of the blanket.

DIY swaddle blanket 5

DIY swaddle blanket 9

Done! Easy, right? I’ve made a few of these swaddle blankets for L before she was born. We used them a lot as swaddles and stroller blankets. Hope the new mom to be will find some use for it. Can’t wait to get a whiff of the new baby! Who else loves the smell of brand new babies? Share with us what you’ve made for the little ones in your life.


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