Ball O’ Flowers

So we’re a mere 4 days from Valentine’s Day and I am still trying to get some sort of Valentine’s display going. As someone who had no decorations, I’m happy with the few things I have set up. This year was a start (last minute at that), and I know it can only get better for next year.

While I was perusing in Michaels, I saw lots of tiny balls made out of flowers. They almost looked like kissing balls, but on a much smaller scale. They came in hot pink, red, white, multi-color glitter, and many other pastel colors. I liked the idea but not the colors, so I decided to make my own flower ball.

Here they are:flower ball

What you need:

  • Styrofoam balls—I used one 4 inch and one 3 inch, both of which I already had
  • Flower blooms of your choice—I raided the clearance section of Michaels

This was the easiest craft I’ve ever done. I am known to choose crafts that are detailed or involved, but not this time! Take that Grace and Rona  :)

Step 1:

Cut off all of the blooms from the stems. Do not cut off the harder plastic piece that joins the bloom to the stem! You can see this piece more clearly in Step 2’s photo.

Step 2:

Stick the blooms into the Styrofoam. Stick them close together so none of the Styrofoam peeks through.

flower ball

Step 3:

Continue this until you work your way all around the ball. Since my blooms were snug I had no worries they would fall out of the Styrofoam. (I’ve dropped it, tossed it into the air to test this, and those bad boys stayed put.)

flower ball

Step 4:

Admire your handiwork. These took me about 15 minutes per ball to complete.

flower ball

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