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Rock Lobster Pillow (Formally known as The Lobster Sweater)

This is a story about a sweater, two boys, and a pillow.

The last time I told a story about a sweater, it was a disaster. If you need to feel better about yourself and your crafting abilities, check out that other sweater story here.

Unlike that pitiful sweater story, this is a happy story.

A sweet friend of my husband’s and mine gave our first born a handsome sweater. It was nautical, cotton, and little, so it was love at first sight.

I loved that sweater. My first wore it (and rocked it).


And my second little guy wore it (and rocked it).

Totally owning that sweater.

But then, as all little boys do, they grew. And soon, that gorgeous sweater was a belly sweater/crop top. As much as I think my guys’ little bellies are cute, I knew it was time to retire the sweater.Now usually, when an article of clothing becomes too small for my guys, I pass it on to the next lucky mom and boy, but not this sweater. I held on to that sweater for months. I just could not part with it. Nope, that lovely lobster sweater was staying with me.

Long story short, that little lobster sweater is not a pillow


It’s cute, but not as cute as my boys wearing it, but that’s okay.


IMG_4329 IMG_4331 So the next time, a sweater or shirt is too precious to pass on, make it a pillow.