“What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?”


“What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?”– Jimmy Ruffin– Check out Jimmy singing a song about me and my sweater


This is a sad and bitter post. Actually, it’s just a post about a sad, sad, sorry looking sweater(s).

Rona and I (a many of our Craft Night Gals) had been eagerly waiting to make a cute little J-Crew embroidered heart sweater.  The image had been circulating Pinterest for some time. And plus, the directions seemed so simple, and the results so cute.

The week leading up to this project, Rona and I searched for sweaters to embroider. We searched through the sale racks at Old Navy and Target. Rona found a cute little purple number at Target. I could not find a thing under $15. So, I searched my closet…

We followed the directions. And we stitched. And stitched. A special guest (Finn) even joined the Craft Night fun with some painting of his own.


Finn looks on… I’m still stitching in the background…


looks promising







Our other Craft Night friends had finished their crafts and left. Even Lil Lisa busted out her cute embroidered “Love” canvas  and that rarely happens! But Rona and I?? We kept on stitching. Out of delirium and the impending slap of reality (we had been stitching now for over 2 hours), I started joking that my sweater was going to really whomp.

And whomp it did…

IMG_6389  photo(11)

It was sad and so was I.

Not as sad as I would have been  IF I would have shelled out money for a new sweater just to ruin.

I keep saying, I’ll try it again, and when I do, I’ll let you know If I have any tips for success. For now, though, I guess I will wallow in my loss!

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