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Easy Twine Wrapped Carrots

Easy Twine Wrapped Carrots

I made an easy update to my Burlap wreath with some easy twine wrapped carrots. Remember that Easy Burlap Bubble Wreath, I made for Valentine’s day? Go ahead. Check it out. I’ll wait here.

Okay, so I took out the hearts and the lovebirds, and decided to update this wreath with something more Spring appropriate.

This time, instead of going with glitter, I wanted my wreath’s accessory (Yup, my wreaths have accessories because they are fancy like that) to be rustic like the burlap.

I decided to make some easy twine wrapped carrots. Kind of like these  yarn wrapped carrots.

I whipped up three carrots in no time. Another easy craft from Grace. Who’s keeping the tally for my easy crafts? Maybe I should start more challenging crafts…

What you’ll need:

-Jute like this

-Orange Craft Paint

-A foam brush

-Hot glue

-Greenery for the top of the carrot (I used Onion grass like this one)

-An old magazine


What you’ll do:

- Take a couple of pages from the magazine and roll it into a cone.

twine wrapped carrotstwine wrapped carrots tutorial

- Keep rolling pages until you have a carrot size that you like.

- Cut your greenery and shove it in the top and down the center of the magazine carrot

- Glue the beginning of the jute/twine to the magazine carrot and start wrapping it around the carrot form (tip: do not try to be perfect. Just wrap the twine haphazardly. I like to wrap all over the place. For two reasons. 1. I think it looks organic and 2. It’s easy, and you all know how I feel about ease).

Twine Carrots

Just wrapping the twine. Excuse the mess, I whipped up these three carrots, two moss bunnies during our last Craft Night, so there was a lot going on. When is there not a lot going on?

Twine Carrots

In case you needed another picture of me wrapping my carrots.

- Tuck the end of the jute/twine under what you have already wrapped. If you want, glue the tail end down.

- Paint your carrot with craft paint (tip: I added a little water to my paint, and just blotted the paint onto the carrot).

easy twine wrapped carrots tutorial- Attach the carrots onto your burlap bubble wreath (I used green floral wire to attach my carrots) for a cute Spring update or wherever your heart desires.

Twine Carrots

You can barely see the floral wire.


An easy update to an easy wreath!

Twine Carrot Bubble Wreath

This extreme closeup reveals the blue poster gum I use on the back of my wreaths, so they don’t slide when opening and closing the door.

Easy twined wrapped carrotsTwine Carrot Bubble Wreatheasy twine wrapped carrots

What updates do you have in store for your Burlap Bubble wreath? The possibilities are endless. Anyone securing a bird’s nest with Robbin’s eggs on theirs?

March Mantel Madness- Mantel Ideas for March

Mantel Madness is in full swing over here. Read more to see my Mantel Ideas for March.

I just took down February’s mantel, made a burlap bunting/banner (anyone know which one to call it?), and  swapped a few more Marchy (read: Green and Spring) items, and I called it a day. And once again, I did not spend a cent!

Let’s take a look at this lucky lovely mantel.

IMG_4223And now for some close-ups and the details.

Mantel Ideas for March The moss covered “D” is one of my favorites. Lisa and her husband made the “D” for me. She explained how to cut letters in her Berry T post. Instead of berries, I bought some sheets of moss (the kind with the sticker back), which you can find in the floral section of any craft store. And I simply cut the moss and covered the letter. Could it get any simpler?

Mantel Ideas for March

Dollar Store Flowers? Yes, Please!

The beer growler gets another month on the mantel, but I swapped the glitter hearts with some artificial forsythia and pussy willows, which I snagged at The Dollar Tree. If you don’t frequent The Dollar Tree you might want to start. Or…actually don’t, or you’ll end up with six packs of doilies with which you swear will become something.

Mantel Ideas for March

What says March more than a horn and a bird. Right?

The horn I found in the boys’ toy box.

The little bird? Finn picked that out at his Great Grandmother’s retirement home’s gift shop. I’m not suggesting you start perusing your local retirement home’s gift shop, but I’m not not suggesting that either…

Mantel Ideas for March

On the other side, is another bird that Finn picked up at the Old Folks’ Home, a cute pewter mug that was my husband’s when he was a wee lil lad; a wine cork filled green cut glass bowl, which my mother-in-law gave me (Thanks, Amy. I LOVE that bowl); a plate (a wedding gift), which I thought was kind of like an Irish Blessing, and bonus: the colors worked; and then two books , which are dual purpose as I needed height, but they also add a bit of interest.

March Mantel burlap buntingMantel Ideas for March

Truly, it’s nothing crazy, but I like it. Have you dolled up your mantel for March? If so, I’d love to see it!



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