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Halloween Burlap Table Runner

Halloween Burlap Table Runner

It should come as no surprise that I love decorating my house for holidays. I don’t just mean Christmas, but all holidays (Hellooooo. Remember my mantel madness? V-day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Flag Day, and Fall).  Partially, it is because I can’t sit still, I get bored easily, and it reminds me of elementary school, and I looooved elementary school, because my fabulous teachers were always changing their bulletin boards and room decor with the seasons. As a kid, it made every part of the year special and festive. As a mom, I want my kids to have that same kind of excitement and wonder I felt about the calendar year (or I just want an excuse to do something).

Two weeks ago, I busted out the fake cobwebs, spiders, and pumpkins, and I made– with Finn’s help– this Halloween Burlap Table Runner. 

Halloween Burlap Table Runner






 Here’s what you’ll need:

- Burlap Runner (or just burlap cut to the size of a runner)– I got my burlap from–; I can’t stop raving about this site! 

-Paint brushes

- a Black Sharpie

- Black craft paint

- A stencil of a bat

Here’s what you’ll do:

- Trace the bats on the border of the runner. 

Halloween Burlap Table Runner

- If you have a helper, allow the helper to fill in the bats with black paint. 

IMG_5504 IMG_5503 IMG_5502



-Write a Halloween saying or poem on the runner. 

IMG_5508 IMG_5548











- Done!


Pretty easy, and pretty cute, don’t you think?





 Are you a seasonal decorator? Or am I just a weirdo? 

Wait. Don’t answer that second question :)






Beer is Art– Coaster Art

Easy Beer Coaster Art

Does anyone else think that a lot beer coasters recently are quite aesthetically pleasing?  Perhaps it is because I am a sucker for fonts and images, but I have a pile of coasters sitting in my craft closet waiting to become something.

Recently, Carrie my forever friend (remember her ultimate patience from this post? ) gifted me with the motherload of coasters. Immediately upon receiving the box of coasters, another friend of ours,  Megan, and I  began rifling through the box and pulling out cute, funny, beautiful, and nostalgic coasters (Milwaukee’s Best, anyone?). Among the piles, Megan and I both agreed that the New Belgium Brewing Company coasters were quite pleasing to the eye.

IMG_5105 Because there were six different coasters, Megan decided she wanted to have two framed pieces of beer coasters or if you’re fancy, “Beer Coaster Art.”  I was happy to help.

In all honesty, Megan could have done this herself, but she is kind and sweet and flattering, so she insisted that she simply could not do it. I smiled, took the compliment, and whipped up some decor for her walls.

Here’s what I used:

- Burlap from

- Jute Webbing for

-6 Coasters

- Hot Glue

- Two frames


Here’s what I did (although, it’s pretty clear what I did (: )

- IMG_5100  – Cut a piece of burlap to fit the mdf board that came with  the frame.

- Glue the burlap to the board.


- Cut and glue a piece of jute webbing to run down the center of the frame

- Center and glue the coasters to the burlap (I tried to eyeball the correct spacing. If you are a little more planned, then you should probably use a ruler, and do some math, and stuff ).

- Clean the glass to the frame

- Frame it.


- Done!



Megan claimed to like it. What do you think? What cool stuff have you done to your beer coasters? My friend Nicole has a cool idea cooking for some collected coasters, and I cannot wait to see it (and hopefully share her craftiness).




Easter DIY Round Up

Disclosure: This is a bunny heavy post.

Spring is in sight! But first we need to get through the April showers. Guess what we do on these rainy days? Why, yes, we scroll through Pinterest for spring/Easter DIY inspirations. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here.

Easter DIY faves

  1. A great idea for those trinkets you have laying around. Who needs PB when you can upcycle. via Refresh Restyle
  2. This pallet art is made from wood shims. Perfect for any season. via Design Dinning and Diapers
  3. These origami bunny baskets are cute and functional. Use them to hold Easter candy or as place cards. via Oh So Very Pretty
  4. Moss banner. Need we say more? via A Diamond in the Stuff
  5. The cheerful colors on the mantel sure put a smile on our faces. via Positively Splendid
  6. We are always thinking of the kiddos. This craft is easy, cheap and super adorable. via Sassy Dealz

We also round up some of our own spring/Easter DIY just In case you missed any our previous posts.

Easter DIY-TLC

  1. bunny lovie
  2. twine carrot burlap bubble wreath
  3. spring shelf
  4. moss bunny
  5. jute wrapped Easter eggs
  6. boxwood bunny wreath

I’ll leave you with a spring related classic educational joke: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?…The pilgrims. Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all night.

Tell us about your favorite Easter DIY/decor.

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