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Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Decor

For the past few weeks, the ladies and myself (and probably many of you too), have been combing Pinterest and our favorite blogs for some St. Patrick’s Day inspiration. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the decor/crafts that we’ve posted, and wanted to include our top 10 favorite ideas that we have seen on the good ol’ world wide web. (Each image will take you directly to the tutorial)

So here they are, in no particular order:

St Patrick's Day Clover Wreath

via blueskyconfections

What’s better than a St. Patty’s Day wreath that is made from fresh greens from your very own landscaping?

St Patrick's Day Bannervia lilluna

 This banner was the inspiration for Grace’s Easy St. Patrick’s Day Banner. We especially like how this one uses vintage maps of Ireland for the background. A great decoration for your house or even your classroom!

St Patrick's Day Printablevia pumpkinpetunia

 Everyone loves a free printable, and this one is full of whimsy. What a cute gift for your little ones or friends to get into the St. Patty’s Day spirit.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Tree

via lollyjane

This craft is super easy and super cheap– you can get everything from the dollar store. A great activity to do with the kiddies.

St Patrick's Day Vases

via eighteen25

A nice tutorial for making colored vases. Of course green works well for St. Patrick’s Day, but you could apply this technique to any vase for any holiday. This is great St. Patty’s Day decor without going too over the top.

St Patrick's Day Stamp

via prudentbaby

You probably have everything you need for this craft in your house already–we love an upcycled, free craft. The kids could make such cute St. Patrick’s Day cards with this stamp.

Shamrock Garland

via blitsycrafts

This garland is also something that can work in both your home or the classroom. As all it takes is strips of paper and a few staples, this is a craft that kids (who can safely operate a stapler) can help with too.

Lisa_Shatzer.jpg.rendition.largestvia ferncreekcottage

You know that we love us some burlap around here. What’s nice about this art is that you can really vary it to your taste. You can change the shape of the clover or use cardstock/scrapbook paper instead of foam board. Love the natural look of this one.

St Patrick's Day Chalkboard Art

via dearlillieblog

This is understated St. Patrick’s Decor at its best. A chalkboard with any saying related to the holiday (Irish blessings, songs, etc.) is a classy, neutral way to incorporate some holiday cheer into your home.

St. Patrick's Day Clothespin Wreathvia

This wreath can either go on your door or anywhere in your house/classroom. Using just a few supplies (most of which you may have already), this wreath is definitely a keeper!

Have you made any St. Patrick’s Day crafts? We’d love to see your decor choices!


framed twigs

My attempt at St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

I’m not a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s because I was scared for life by the movie Leprechaun. There were FIVE sequels made (2, 3, 4, 5, and Leprechaun in the Hood). Why? Anyway, for my husband’s namesake, I thought I ought to get into the spirit. I was inspired by this beautiful image. I love the organic feel and versatility of twigs, not to mention they are free! I didn’t want to shell out money for a holiday I don’t really love.

It was 50 degrees last week, which felt tropical compared to all the polar vortex we’ve had this winter. L and I took advantage of the springlike temps and went on a walk to find some twigs. It was definitely more like a quest. There were piles of snow at every corner, half shoveled sidewalks and puddles from the melting snow. Finding twigs was a difficult task. Imagine the excitement when I saw these guys with little buds on them.


I climbed on top of a huge mound of snow (easily over 5 feet) as L watched in the stroller. I wish I took a picture to help you understand the struggle. I’m pretty sure people were starring, but I didn’t care. Nothing screams “spring” like budding trees er twigs!

Returned from our quest with bundles of twigs, I remembered a frame I bought on clearance from Hobby Lobby for a dollar. I put the frame on top of each branch to find a pairing I liked.

twigparing2  twigpairing1  twigpairing3

I gave the winning branch a fitting by trimming some of the sprigs. I left a few hanging outside of the frame to keep it natural and playful. Then I secured the twig to the frame via tape.

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without something green? I dug out my stash of random paint chips (I’m a closet hoarder) and picked out a few pretty green colors. You might recognize this picture from our Instagram sneak peek.


I free handed a few little triangles.

miniflags1 miniflags2

Taped those babies to some twine.

stringflags2 stringflags1

Tied the mini flags to my framed twig.

DSC01449 DSC01450

The back of the flags are not so pretty. You may have noticed it from the reflection in the mirror. If I have time I will cut out a few more triangles to tape to the back.

twig with mini flags

I think I will leave it up for L’s birthday and Easter. I just need to change up the ribbon and the flags. I may even break this baby out for Christmas. Endless possibilities and I only spent a dollar! I’m pretty proud of myself.

Have you seen Leprechaun in the Hood starring Ice T? Thoughts?

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