Easy no-sew dog bed

easy no sew dog bed

 This is the story of two Ikea rugs, a naughty devil dog,an old pillow, and some hot glue. While these elements do not sound promising, trust me no animals were harmed in this project. In fact, two lovely easy no-sew dog beds were assembled in fewer than 10 minutes (Pssst! Are you ever baffled by the use of fewer or less? I wouldn’t be an English teacher if I didn’t direct you to this easy explanation). 

Months and months ago (about 8, but who’s counting?), Rona was at Ikea and picked me up some lovely and cheap rugs. At the time, I was envisioning pillows for my boys, but that didn’t happen. What did happen was a solution for a dog who kept on ripping up $20 dog beds. My dog and I have a love-hate relationship. She loves to wreck things, and I hate it. 

Anyway, at $2.99 a  rug, I figured if Donny the Dog ripped it to shreds, I wouldn’t be too dismayed. 

 I’m not going to break this down into tutorial because it’s ridiculously easy, and I would feel like a fool because I didn’t even sew this puppy ( the dog bed, not my dog). Just a generous amount of hot glue (well, my first one was with hot glue, and then I tried some Liquid Stitch. Both have been washed, and both are holding up fine). 



 I took a pillow, cut it in half, and folding the rug over it with the fringe matching up. I then used hot glue/liquid stitch to “stitch” it together. 



 While I was waiting for my hot glue gun to warm up, Donny the Dog decided it was the best time to destroy the pillow I was using. Thanks, girl.

ikea no sew dog pillow

 After slaving away on this ( approximately 6 minutes), I created two easy no-sew dog beds. 

Ikea no sew dog bed

And that is the story of a dog, two rugs, a pillow, and some glue. Sorry if that was super anti-climatic.

So, if you are counting, I still have an Ikea rug left from Rona’s February trip to Ikea. Anyone have any great ideas?

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