$5 and 5 minutes or fewer Easy Easter Decor

Back in my college days, I took an Econ class, and daily I would argue with the professor that you could buy time. I admit, I was annoying and not very adept at Econ (I’m still not), but I think I had a point. While time is not a good, it is something of value. I usually want more of it, which is why I am all about those quick and easy crafts like my Easy Burlap Bubble Wreath or my Twine Wrapped Carrots. So, as Easter is just down the bunny trail, I thought I would share some super quick  $5 and 5 minutes or fewer Easter Decor ideas (Pssss… want a lesson on less v. fewer? Click here!)

First Up—Easter Egg Tree

$5 and 5 minutes or fewer Easy Easter Decor

Everything you need to recreate this can be found at The Dollar Tree. The branches of Forsythia and Pussy Willows and the Easter Egg ornaments. 2 packs of eggs, 3 branches of foliage= DONE! $5 and 5 minutes or fewer Easter Decor.

Easter Egg TreeEaster Egg Tree

Next– Easy DIY Paper Bunny Banner

$5 and 5 minutes or fewer Easy Easter Decor

I loved my Easy St. Patrick’s Day Banner so much  that I made one for Easter. Check out the tutorial here, but sub out the shamrocks for bunnies. I used the following template for my bunnies.  This was a free craft as I had all the materials already. You hate me, don’t you?

Bunny Banner


Easy Paper Bunny Banner

And for the kids, a  paper plate bunny and painted Easter egg

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Head on over to The Dollar Tree because that’s where I got all the supplies needed for my oldest little guy to make him.

Kids' Craft Styrofoam Plate Bunny

$5 and 5 minutes or fewer Easy Easter Decor

And for Ronan, he got to wield a paintbrush and paint an egg cut out of an old manila folder (anyone ever call them Vanilla Folders? Or was that just my weird self?)

easy Easter crafts for kids


I am a big fan of decorating for each of the seasons/holidays. Some of my good friends aren’t, but they put up with my seasonal decor (and me) anyway. And for that, I thank them!

Are you a seasonal decorator?

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