A Truckin’ Good Time- A Truck Birthday

A Truck Birthday Party

My littlest guy turned 2 a few weeks ago. He loves cheese curls, trucks, and “good guys.” Since every toy Ronan plays with  are called “good guys” and a party of cheese curls would be weird, I figured a truck/car themed birthday would be a little easier to create. Now the theme isn’t cohesive as I have construction themed cakes, box racecars, and “Pin the Tire on the Monster Truck”, but Ronan didn’t care, which is good enough for me.

Now there are a lot of fabulous birthday ideas on Pinterest. A lot. But, I am not  one who goes all out on birthday parties, but I don’t judge those who do either because I sure love going to those parties because they are AWESOME! I just don’t do giant parties. It’s all a matter of preference. I would say “Different Strokes for Different Folks,” but my students at school tell me that I sound really old when I say that, so I won’t (and I just did– oops).

 My kids’ parties are not huge, nor do the break the budget, but I do enjoy creating a party that is made for them. I enjoy  making (and enlisting help with) the cake, the decorations, and the games. However, if making banners, cakes, and games makes you want to vomit, then by all means take another route and know that I will not judge (not that you needed my permission to begin with).

Whew. With that said, I am really excited to show you this Truck Birthday Party we had for my sweet Ronan.

Let’s get to the most important part of any party: the cake. Obviously.

The big cake is a cinch to decorate. You just slop and slap that chocolate icing on ( I make a mean homemade chocolate icing– it’s super easy and ridiculously delicious, and that’s me being modest!). Pile a lot on the top, plop a couple construction trucks on the top, and sprinkle some crushed Oreos and chocolate chips. Really that’s it. A Truck Birthday Cake!

Truck Birthday Cake 3 Construction Site Cake

Notice the city background? I found it in the boys’ toybox and thought it would be cute to have a city skyline behind the construction cake.

The cupcakes were easy, too. I like to vary my cupcakes so they are not all the same. Something about giving the eye a rest or not having 24 trucks…

Cupcake 2


Cupcake 1

As for games, my kids love any type of “Pin the__________ on the _________” game, so I made a “Pin the Tire on the Monster Truck.” In a moment of genius, I wrote each kid’s name on a tire, so it was clear whose tire was whose. I’m sure writing the name on the object being pinned has been done before, but just give me my moment of glory before you strip it away.

Truck Birthday party truck birthday party

Check out these cute racecars for Ronan’s Truck Birthday. I have some dear friends in my life, who helped withthese cars for the kids to race. They are made out of printer paper boxes. How stinkin’ cute, right?

a truck birthday

a truck birthdayA truck birthday

Of course, because I love banners (as evidenced by my numerous St. Patrick’s Day Banners: Kiss Me, I’m Burlap Banner, and Easy Paper Bunting), I had to have one for the Birthday Boy.

Truck Birthday Banner Truck Birthday 2

It was a Truckin’ Good Time for a Truck Birthday Party.


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